When it comes to the final presentation of a product to the consumers, labeling becomes an essential aspect in any product manufacturing industry. When you see a label on a product, it becomes easy for you to make the right product choice at the point of purchase. Labeling is done by special machines for the purpose of defining the particular product and its contents. The label contains information about uses and cautions to be taken while using a specific product. Labeling is significant in the sales and marketing of a product.

Today, the innovation of cold glue labeling machine has made work more effortless in the sales and marketing of products. Imagine walking into a shop to purchase a product that is not labeled, and there are many chances of you consuming poisons or even suffering from the immediate effects. With the high global competition between companies that produce the same products, labeling becomes an essential tool in identifying a particular product in the market. In this guide, you will understand several aspects of labeling and how it is done.

What is a cold glue labeling machine?

This is a tool used to dispense or apply labels to various items or containers. The cold glue application unit is equipped with a separate drive unit with a servomotor that allows a smooth application at high speed.

How Does a Cold Glue Labelling Machine Work?

When the bottles of particular products are stationed by the infeed at the labeling point, the rotating glue cylinders are filled with cold glue from the glue tank, which is then transferred to the glue rubber roller. At this point, a thin film of adhesive is then transferred to the gluing pad. As the bottles move around by the conveyor belt, the glued label is wrapped around the bottle via strip belts.

Features and requirements of a Cold Glue Labelling Machine

There are several features of a cold glue labeling machine that you should consider looking at when you are purchasing one. They include safety guards, bottle stops, Maltese crosses or lubricated came, mechanical variations or inverter, PLC con troll, gripper washing, HMI touch screen, among others.

Labeling machines have become more popular over the last decades, and their impact in business leads to the accuracy in product delivery without confusion or risks to the consumers. However, you can also consider several factors before buying a cold glue labeling machine for you to be able to keep your operations running. Purchase a device that will give you maximum operating time without regular maintenance intervals. When your machines have little or no vibration while operating, it means that wear and tear are at a lower rate. Other factors include economical glue consumption, power, and even labeling materials.

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