Summer is in sight. And with summer, comes the heat, thus bringing along the beach season. Are you getting ready for that? Many are. It is the best way to cool down and chill during that time after all. As a result, they’ve begun preparations for their outfit.

True, selecting beachwear is no big deal at all. As long as you avoid thick clothes, jackets, or socks, you’ll be fine. However, choosing the right stylish outfit is another case, especially for men.

So if you are facing a roadblock in deciding what to wear, you are reading the correct article. It discusses the top 6 beachwear styling tips for men that will get you that perfect confidence-boosting outfit. Cutting directly to the chase:

Guide to a Complete Beach Outfit

1. Sarong Men

The number one attire on this list is sarong men. Sarong? Yes, it is a large long fabric that originated in Indonesia during the fifteenth century. It is often tied around the waist or the neck. As such, it has rapidly become a famous beachwear globally among men and women.

It is an impressive dress code. And it does not only provide comfort, but also flair. It comes in diverse colors, so you can get one that suits your taste. Furthermore, the structure of the sarong allows people to tie and twist it in several stylish patterns.

And above all, it goes well with anything – be it a top, a sleeveless shirt, or a swimsuit. Suits you? Then get shopping for one that matches your preference.

2. Sun Hats

Remember, sarong goes well with anything. And a hat, though simple, would be a perfect match. But why is a hat on this list? Well, in addition to your skin, you have to protect your head and neck from harsh sun rays.

As a result, sun hats have become a regular in the beach kit. As with sarongs, there are many sun hat designs made from various materials and colors. Thus, you can get one that suits you best.

3. Sunglasses

Here is another vital tool in your beachwear arsenal. It goes well with everything, even better than the above two. To pull off your sarong-hat look better, a pair of sunglasses is needed. That’s the complete formula.

4. Patterned shirts

The beach is a bright and fun place. Hence, your dress should show that. So, suit up that flashy shirt you have been saving all year. The color is your choice, as well as the design. Shirts with patterns and prints are well associated with the beach. And fortunately, there are lots of them out there.

You can choose to opt for stripes, dots, or tropical designs. Once again, go with one that matches your taste. An unbuttoned tropical-patterned shirt with a tank top underneath might be what you need.

5. Comfy shorts beneath the sarong

Tying your sarong in a knot at the front will allow you to showcase your brightly-colored and dazzling shorts. That is yet another formula for beachwear success.

6. The footwear

Last but not least, you need to select the most appropriate beach footwear that matches the rest of your outfit. There are lots of options ranging from flip flops and crocs to water shoes and slides. In many cases, a simple pair of sandals are best.


There are over thousands of ideas for beachwear. However, quite often, simple outfits are the most appropriate. After all, the beach is a place to unwind and relax. Hence, you do not want anything that’ll make you uncomfortable. And so, a simple hat, shirt, and shorts will be sufficient. Adding a sarong will be the finishing touch.


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