If you were thinking of buying a mod vape, it would be a smart move to try to understand what you can expect. Without a doubt, Suorin has one of the best Mod vapes out there. Therefore, you are already making a great choice if you choose the Suorin brand. However, Suorin gives you many options for the vaping Pod. Each of these options has great features, but the main purpose of this guide is the Mod vape from suorin. With this guide, we will try to analyze the product to show you the things you can expect from these products.

Different color options

You may think of this as the most neglectful feature of a vape until you realize how much people give meaning to the little details. This Mod vape gives you many options when it comes to colors. Some of the colors available include the following;

  • Gunmetal
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red (sunglow)
  • Natural red
  • Silver

You can pick either one of these colors based on your personal preferences.

A LED Design

Technology is one of the favorite tools of suorin as a brand. That is why this vape has LED lights indicating the usage of the vape. They drew some inspiration for such technology from Cyborg, a phenomenal company.

A strong battery

Battery life for any vape is an important feature every potential user will check. You may not vape every hour; however, you may want to vape at different points in the day. It can be very frustrating to realize that your vape’s battery has gone off after a short while. This can hardly be the story with the Mod vape. The battery of this device has a whopping 1500 mAh capacity (which is higher than some mobile phone batteries). What this means is this type of battery will last you for up to four days.

Better heating feature

There is no point in vaping at all if the heat and flavor do not come out good. The mod vape from suorin has a blow pathway that takes the design of the letter “Z”. This shape ensures that the pathway stays smooth and there is higher prowess of the heat.

New technology features

As a company inspired by lots of technology, the company makes all vapes tech related. There is a new idea, atomization that the company works with to ensure a better vaping experience. The whole idea is to have a double mesh coil in a vape pod, against one single mesh coil. These coils have separate ohm measurements and they work simultaneously to meet your needs.


If you have spent a long time in the vape market, you will agree that Suorin as a brand makes one of the best vapes. The Air series has to be one of the best, with each product having a separate target market and distinctive features. The Air Mod Pod Kit is one of the products in this series, and as explained above, there are a lot of lovely features on the product. You will definitely enjoy this product if this is your choice.


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